It’s quite easy to seem restricted, in any area of life but especially jobs, by what’s familiar and what we already know – or think we know. Often we don’t even realise we’re being restricted in this way. We think things are just the way they are. They’re not. They’re just the way we think they are.

Never is this more apparent when somebody is unhappy in their career or job, but feels limited by their experience or hostage to their salary. I’ve fallen into this very trap so many times. Not only does your own thinking limit your horizon but when you take into account that of well-meaning friends and family I’m surprised anybody does any work they actually enjoy. The happy people see tend to either naturally fit into society’s defined roles, or are self-focused enough to do what they want without being overly bothered by what anybody around them thinks. I’ve never fit into the first category and though I’m getting better at the second, I’m still a work in progress.

The things is there are some gentle ways to start looking towards that perfect position without sending your inner (or outer) critic into a tailspin, even if right now you can’t think of a single job you could do without going crazy. I say perfect and what I mean by that is a position that serves who you are as much as the employer or clients that you serve. Wouldn’t that be great? No more Sunday afternoon dread, or Monday morning hanging on to the bed clothes.

I love to start this process with people, because I know what it means to go from feeling hemmed in, worn out and hostage to a salary, to finding release and fulfilment by moving into alignment with my core values, true nature, innate talents and propensities.

So what’s a good place to start?

Well one place to start is to think about what you enjoy doing already. It might be connected to your current role or it could be something you’ve not done for years but used to love. It could be a hobby. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that it’s your starting point. See the baby lab in the photo? He loves playing with a ball. In his mind, why wouldn’t you? Guess what? It makes finding and retrieving all sorts of things a really useful role for him when he grows up.

So, I recommend you sit down somewhere quiet where you can be reflective. If you can do it without interruptions that’s perfect, but if the kids are about don’t worry too much. Just gently but firmly keep the intention of getting it done. Have a journal (my last one cost 99p from the cheap shop) and just allow anything that you enjoy to come into your mind and flow out onto the page via your pen. Give yourself a good twenty minutes or so the first time you do it and as you write I encourage you to include why you enjoy the things you enjoy. Bring those things to life as much as you can. What would you do for free? Like our little lab puppy, what comes so naturally to you that you could fair do it without thinking and can’t understand why anyone would ever pay you for it? Go reflect, write and come back when you’ve finished.

Congratulations! You’ve started the process and put the Universe on notice of your intention.

This is just one small step you can take. If you would like to take it a step (or five) further, I have a free Introduction to Authentic Connection With Your Ideal Job, Role or Business. Just drop me an email and I’ll forward you the PDF.


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