Feedback is an important part of the coaching process and clients recount their successes during our sessions. It’s a valuable success habit, to recognise what’s going well. It promotes a positive vibration, which of course attracts more to be positive about. For me, it never gets old to witness clients making empowered inner shifts that show up in their external world. 

Here are some of my favourites, with their permission:

Just three coaching sessions with Paula literally turned my financial situation around. A year earlier I’d launched my own freelance writing business and while I was making enough money to keep my head above water, things felt like a struggle and I was locked in a lack-orientated headspace. Paula guided me through the process of crafting a desire statement, which I began reciting morning and night. And almost instantaneously, more work came flowing to me, “almost like magic” — just as I’d asked for in my desire statement. In that financial quarter, I made more money than I ever had as a freelancer. Now, nine months on, I still return to the desire statement whenever I feel stuck or whenever the work slows down, and I always notice huge results. Paula helped me to identify what truly felt right and exciting for me and then showed me how to craft the thoughts and words to draw those very things to me. I can’t thank her enough.

Freelance Journalist,

Working with Paula has been one of the most exciting chapters in my life. Before we began our journey together my life was a tangled mess and on top of all this I was made redundant. Life felt pretty bleak. Paula reminded me of who I was. She helped me find the strength to see what I wanted out of life, and helped me find the direction I needed to get there. She gave me the tools to help me find myself and achieve my goals.

Life is happy again. I’m happy again. I know now that all I need to do is trust myself and believe in myself and all I am capable of being and achieving.

Paula is a wonderful person, one of Earth’s little angels. She is so easy to talk to and helps you to open your heart and dig deep without fear of reprisal. It’s so liberating and exciting to be able to find someone capable of allowing you to be exactly who you are and who you’re supposed to be, and who helps you see how once you set your mind free, you are free, and you are capable of anything you want to achieve.  She has a natural gift of listening and being able to really hear what you are saying, and then reflects it back to you so you can actually hear yourself, and understand the meaning underlying your own words. You soon realise you have the answers in your own words. It’s amazing to work with someone like this.

I now run my own small business as a personal home care specialist and I have never been happier. It’s difficult at times but these are challenges I now see I can overcome. Paula is someone you can trust. She guides and encourages and is the wind beneath your wings. She doesn’t just give you the tools and leave you to it. She gives you the tools, and guides you wisely and patiently until you know exactly how to use them. And she does it in such a way that you never forget their power and if on an occasion you do, she is always there to remind you.

A truly amazing lady and I feel honoured to have had the privilege of working with her. I feel that this kind of input is important at certain chapters of your life, and I’m already looking forward to working with her again because there is still so much more I can achieve. The journey has only just begun.

Helen Maude

Helen's Home Care Specialist, Leeds UK

It was such a pleasure to work with Paula. Her approach was warm, honest and nurturing and she always allowed me to explore how I was feeling without judgment. She was a fantastic listener and offered such profound and insightful advice. With her lovely smile and amazing energy, she brightened up my Monday mornings no end, as well as getting me really focused and ready for the week. With her support and encouragement, I was able to survive and enjoy a very busy summer of building the online side of my business. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I will definitely be working with her again!

Marie Houlden

Energy Worker & Spiritual Life Coach,

Paula is a warm hearted lady who has a lot to give to the world. During my coaching sessions I was given the tools and motivation to get me out of a ‘stuck’ period in my life. Our sessions have given me inspiration, direction and confidence. Paula is very supportive and talking to Paula was like talking to a friend. Thank you for being awesome and coming along at exactly the right tome for me.



I would recommend Paula as a lovely, fun but very professional coach who is great at getting to the root of an issue and really helping you find ways to improve situations, attract your goals, and achieve your dreams.



Quite simply there aren’t the words to express how flipping wonderful Paula is. My life has been so enriched by working with Paula and I have loved every single second of working with her. Paula has an amazing way of asking just the right questions to really get to the root of things and she really is the most beautiful of souls with the most amazing energy. Paula offers so much within her sessions and I really cannot thank her enough for her support.

Kim Pemberton


Paula is a wonderful human being and the work we did together was life changing. Paula guides you to crystallise your desires. And give you the tools to begin to create your new life.Not a day goes by without the evidence of that work showing up me.

Paula makes the process fun and she even made it easy to tackle some less pleasant thoughts and memories and change them into positive energies which we were able to use.

A significant element of the work is to recognise what is actually happening in your life that is positive right now. This puts you in a better place straight away and when the new stuff comes in it feels amazing!

One thing to note, persistence is the key. Making sure I kept a strict routine of affirmations everyday really started to make things happen.

I could talk all day about new found confidence, happiness and beneficial ‘coincidences’ of every kind. But it’s all very simple for me….

I worked with Paula
I followed my plan
My life took off

My affirmations are now the most important part of my day, because they quite literally, make my day!

Thank you so much Paula.

John Senior


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