The Law of Attraction takes quite bit of stick from a variety of corners. That’s a post for another day [smile], but one of my friends shared an Abraham Hicks clip this morning and I want to share something I got from it. I Love the wisdom from Abraham and Esther – a lot of my coach certification was based around the Abraham Hicks materials.

My first take-away was a fresh way of seeing the “mechanics” of doubt affecting our ability to manifest desires through the analogies Abraham presented. Engines (opposing forces) on a train track (of desire) was great, and also the refusal to give a toaster what it needs (holding it back) to “manifest” toast (your desire) was brilliant.

I’d love to explore it a step further with you. It’s grand to know that doubt is going to impact your ability connect with your desires, but what if you don’t know how you’re doing the doubting? And what if you know you’re doubting but you don’t know how to stop?

This is where the rubber meets the road for me and where I really love to explore both for myself and working with clients, because it means allowing yourself to get deeply connected to your Inner Wisdom, and see and compassionately meet those parts of you that are generally running in the background, happily doing their thing, and not realising they’re driving you in exactly the opposite direction to where you want to go.

So what did I see? Well when somebody tells you to stop doubting, does that help you stop doubting? If someone says “Stop doubting, think positive!” Is that helpful? If you’re anything like me (and I congratulate you if you’re not), not really! My response, spoken or unspoken, goes along the lines of, “Thanks! And that’s useful how? If I knew the stop solution I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place!”

There are many ways to tackle it so if this doesn’t work for you don’t despair (and feel free to connect in the Facebook comments section – I’ll help if I can). But I find a great way to ease into the doubt issue is with a gentle, non-confrontational question like, “Ok, so it seems like I must have some doubt, or some thoughts or beliefs that are holding me back from what I want. Hmm. If I did have some doubts, or opposing beliefs, I wonder what some of those might look like?” And that’s it. If I’m working with myself, I leave it there as a ponder and a gentle simmer. If I’m working with a client I’ll help them get into a reflective space where answers are more likely to bubble up. The trick and key is to allow what bubbles up to have its voice, not to deny it. Never deny it. It will go underground but still keep opposing your desire and intentions.

I tend to get my answers at inconvenient times, like between 1.30am and 5am when I sort of would rather be asleep doing by repair and renewal stuff. That said, when I get stuck I’m deeply grateful for insights whenever they show up.

So my recommendation to you if this approach sounds attractive, is to have a pen and paper to hand, or your phone, or whatever will give you the means to take what comes and anchor it. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve had a ton of good ideas in the twilight zone and not being able to do anything with them because you didn’t anchor them into your world for action.

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