It still amazes me that so many people don’t understand the Law of Attraction. But perhaps that’s because it’s been the focus of my attention for so long, and because of what I see when people connect with the Law of Attraction on an embodied level. Their lives suddenly begin to make sense. They start to see what they’ve innocently been doing to create the life they’re living and, even more importantly, they realise what needs to happen for that life to change.

And it’s surprising how much easier change becomes when it makes sense on a deeply embodied level.

What a Law of Attraction coach understands that most people don’t

A Law of Attraction coach understands that although we perceive our world at the level of our five senses, there’s another sense that is at least as important if not more so. The trouble is that over the past few hundred years, that sense has been overruled, dismissed and denigrated as irrelevant.

This sense works below the level of your analytical mind and five regular senses, and it’s like a communications bridge between the you of your physical self and your personality (the you that you identify with on a day to day basis), and the eternal You that lies beyond that. Think that’s too woo?

Think about this, virtually every single cell of your body is replaced in cycles over a period of time. Colon cells last a few days, red blood cells last a few months and some bone cells last years. But the point is that the cells of your body, that make up the you that you see and recognise in the mirror, are constantly dying and being replaced. So what’s the ‘you’ that rides the vehicle called your body? Well it’s not all physical is it? And why is this relevant?

Well, its relevant because it’s the limiting beliefs and conditioning acquired by your human self, and stored in your physical body, that stop you reaching your full potential and living a happy and fulfilled life. And it’s relevant because the extra sense I refer to, is the sense that tells us when we are connected to our eternal and limitless self, and when we’re being hampered by our limiting human self.

Did we lose this communication bridge?

This is a good question, but one for another day. Because it’s not important if or how we lost it. It’s important that we re-establish it, and as quickly as possible if we want to live a life by conscious design rather than unconscious default.

A coach steeped (and hopefully certified) in the Law of Attraction, will be able to guide and accompany you, to rediscover and establish that all important connection between the you of your personality, and the eternal You that knows exactly what you want and how to get it.

She will, using your very own day to day experience, show you how the Law of Attraction is working in your life. And if you want things to change, she will work with you to use your deepening and embodied understanding of the Law of Attraction to make the changes you need to make and realise your dreams.

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