Who works with a coach?

Most people who choose to work with a coach want something, or some things, to be different in their lives. It might be to do with finances, relationships, career, health or something else. Maybe they can’t quite even define it. They just know something’s feeling not quite right, and they’ve decided to get some help with the change process.

Sometimes it might be an individual who knows what they want but for some reason, what they want seems out of reach. Maybe they’ve been trying a long time but somehow are not hitting the mark. They’re looking for somebody to help them shift out of the stuck stage and into the change phase.

Invariably, a person who works with a coach has a deep inner knowing that they should be able to have what they want. They might sometimes get worn down and occasionally give up. But in the end the dream or desire comes back and they just can’t shake it. That often indicates a person I’m going to enjoy enjoy working with because they’re invested in finally just nailing it.

Other people work with a coach because there’s something they want and they’re not sure how to go about getting it. They just want to get on with it and know the right coach will help them achieve that more quickly and with less struggle.

How coaching helps you get what you want

To understand strawberries you have to actually eat one. To understand the power of coaching, you really have to experience it. Each coaching relationship is different and I only accept clients when we’ve had at least one conversation where we’ve had a good connection, where I feel our working together will be enjoyable for both of us, and most importantly will help you get the results you’re looking for.

But simply put, having the right coach helps you move forward quicker. The right coach helps her client go from tunnel vision to total vision. Through deep listening and connection she helps clients to see themselves and their world a from different perspectives. She gently but persistently guides clients back to their own innate wisdom, empowering them to see different choices and discover their own solutions.

When I coach, my goal is to create a safe space and context in which you can:

  • increase your own inner awareness
  • clarify your thinking, making it easier for your innate wisdom to guide you forward
  • live into the future you want with more ease and flow
  • make challenges fun

My coaching philosophy

I’m a certified Law of Attraction coach with Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. In many places these days the Law of Attraction gets a bit of a bad wrap as something woo-woo or impractical. I’m neither, and neither is how I understand and experience the Law of Attraction (and its sub-laws). I see it simply as a principle which helps to explain what we experience. The challenge is in the description, not the reality.

While different phrases and analogies are used to describe the Law of Attraction, science has already recognised that at the most fundamental level we are all energy. So is everything within us, so is everything outside of us, so is everything we experience. We interpret every experience through the filters of our mind, nervous system and the physicality of our bodies. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. The Law of Attraction states that we can only experience what we are in resonance with. Effectively, who we are being determines what we will ‘attract’ or experience.

I am heavily influenced by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza which has helped me to understand the connections between our metaphysical aspects and our physical ‘reality’. I continue to expand my understanding and effectiveness through his ongoing meditations, workshops, and programs.

Another of my current mentors is Jamie Smart. His Innate Thinking® and Clarity teachings based on the three principles first described by Syd Banks are quite simply taking my own development and my work with clients to a whole new level.

Coaching packages

Coaching helps us move more quickly, thoroughly and effectively through change and transformation. It helps us to:

  • Getting clear on the what we want and why we want it
  • See what might be stopping us reaching our goals, our current thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Shift our mindset to one which supports our desire, or rather lose the one that doesn’t
  • Monitor results, and continue to spot where limiting thoughts and beliefs are seeping through until new habits are firmly in place

This can take some time and so an initial coaching relationship of at least two to three months is preferable. This simply gives you time to experience the initial clarity and then start stepping firmly into the you who who reaches your desires. And although positively shifting one area of your life is highly likely to positively impact others, I usually find it best to start with one area or issue at a time.

My coaching packages are structured and priced to support investment and commitment to yourself and the process, while still allowing newcomers to gain a firm footing on the journey.

Each new relationship begins with a session of about 90 minutes. This takes the format of, and provides the experience of, a coaching session. It also allows both coach and client to see if it feels a right fit. If at any point it doesn’t feel right for either party there is no charge and no obligation. If at the end of the session it feels like a good fit I will most likely ask if you would like me to come back to you with a suggestion of how we might best work together to help you achieve your goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Would you like to explore what you want and see if coaching will help you get there quicker?

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