The Very Basic Basics

It’s true that sometimes the Law of Attraction seems like that teacher you used to hate. You know, the one who had distinct favourites – and you weren’t one of them. But the truth is, getting in sync with the Law of Attraction is really just a matter of four steps:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Recognise what’s blocking you from having it
  3. Shift the block(s)
  4. Have The Thing

Here’s the tricky thing. Being human doesn’t come with a manual. And most people don’t have much of a clue about how humans operate. It’s a bit like having a car. Most people who have a car are reasonably ok at the driving part. However if the car starts breaking down, or not going the way the driver wants it to go, it’s time for an expert to take a look. Not because it’s impossible for the driver to understand what’s going on. Simply because most drivers haven’t paid attention to developing ‘inner car workings’ knowledge.

It’s exactly the same with humans. Doesn’t it seem crazy that we don’t know how we work?

But most of us are not raised in an environment that has a deep and embodied understanding of what’s going on under the human hood. Oh sure, we know we have to eat and we know we have to drink. Actually eating what’s good for us, well, most of us aren’t even proficient at that. But at least we do recognise that we do need to eat and drink. We’re reasonably ok with the basics. But when it comes to understanding what we do and why, the truth is that most of us just don’t have a clue.

So, if you want to make your understanding of the Law of Attraction more effective and useful in your life, here’s a very short introduction to the steps that matter.

1.  Know what you want

Now you’d be surprised how tricky this step is. Why? Because we tend to think we want ‘stuff’, without contemplating why we want the ‘stuff’, and what we think will be different if we have the ‘stuff’. So we jump in, get the stuff, and then what? Is it ever the end? Happy ever after? Step one means you have to get to know what you want, but even more so why you want it.

2.  Recognise what’s blocking you from having it

Ok, I’m not talking about you not getting promoted because your boss won’t let you go. I’m not talking about your business not being successful because there’s a recession, or your product is too expensive / cheap / innovative. And I’m not talking about you not having the relationship of your dreams because all the good ones are taken. I’m talking about your inner blocks to success in your specific desire.

3.  Shift the block(s)

Now this is really where your commitment’s going to start showing, or not. See this stage is where you acknowledge that getting what you want is going to take a different approach to the usual methods in this physical world. And this different approach is going to take you up close and personal with how you show up in the world. And like it or not (I’ll be honest I often don’t), how you show up is leading you to get what you’re getting. There’s no fancy way to say this. You might as well just accept it. To the extent you’re willing to accept it, and lighten up enough to entertain some new ways of seeing, well that’s the extent you’re likely to shift the block(s) to getting what you want.

4.  Have The Thing

I’ll admit this is slightly tongue in cheek. Because you’re likely going to need to take some action, even if it’s only acceptance of The Thing, into your life. The difference is, when you’re clear on what you want and why you want it; when you really see what’s stopping you from having it; when you shift those internal blocks effectively and authentically, the actions you will need to take are mostly going to be inspired. And finally, you’ll realise that being in sync with the Law of Attraction is, on the deepest level, a matter of choice and all up to you. And then you’ll be able to choose whether you really do want what you say you do.

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