About Paula Vickers

I’ve always loved collaborating and working with people in ways that make a difference. Even in roles that I’m not a perfect fit for, if there’s some kind of collaborative relationship, either temporary or permanent, to the extent that there’s common goal that we’re genuinely committed to and working towards, I thrive.

For me, coaching is a great relationship, collaborative and most often enjoyable. In case you have the idea, as I did, that coaching is about telling people what to do, in my context nothing could be further from the truth. My style of coaching is about creating a safe space and context for people to recognise and access their own innate wisdom, to help them close the gap between who they are currently living as, and who they really are. It’s my vision for myself as well as my clients.


This bit is not compulsory reading but if you’re anything like me you like to know who you might be working with. See it as a lead in to the process of deciding if you and I might be a good fit to work together. If you don’t resonate with what you read, no harm done. I still always have at least one ‘intake’ session to get a feel for where a prospective client’s at, whether we’re a good working fit, and whether I think our working together will help you get the results you’re looking for.

I’ve always been interested in health, relationships, success and especially the metaphysical elements associated. I’m not entirely sure why, perhaps my own struggles to find contentment in one way and another.

Into my early thirties, I was on my second career, and was carving reasonable success in IT, though hardly content. After my father passed over in 1999, I left the corporate world to study and practise aromatherapy, reflexology, and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, with a bit of reiki chucked in for good measure. Over the early 2000’s I also spent a lot of time with a shaman and other healers.

Around ten years in, I wasn’t fully at peace with my alternative health practice for various reasons, and so I sacrificed it on the alter of ‘earn a stable living’.

Life ticked over until August 2011. My mother became ill and, living alone, needed a significant amount of help and care. In March 2012 she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, by which time she was extremely sick and needed even more help. It’s a deep privilege to provide support and care to somebody you love so very much. Nevertheless, as so many people know, it’s immensely taxing, physically, mentally and especially emotionally. I started to struggle, especially in my job which involved a lot of stress and an unhealthy shift pattern, and in May 2014 was shocked to be diagnosed with my own cancer. Surgery followed a month later. My symptoms remained however and after way too long a recovery period I was diagnosed with multi-factorial fatigue, an alternative label to chronic fatigue which apparently wasn’t appropriate due to my recent history with anaemia and cancer. A tough year later, my mother passed over.

Unable to work for much of the time following surgery I became deeply frustrated with my lack of effective healing and orthodox medicine, and once more turned my focus back to alternatives.

Critically, during this time I trained as a Law of Attraction coach. Initially, I had no desire to coach. It was the transformational nature of the course that appealed to my sense that I needed to do some inner work, as well as follow physical leads. Through the 15 months certification period, as well as undergoing personal transformation, I learned that coaching was not about telling people what to do, rather it was about creating a space for people to access their own innate and enduring inner wisdom. I was hooked. Here was the empowerment element my alternative practice has been missing all those years ago.

As a certified Law of Attraction coach with Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy, I also continue to deepen my inner work with different coaches, teachers and mentors. As of writing this, although my physical symptoms persist, my day to day experience has changed. There are still very impactful limitations and conundrums for me to unravel and resolve as conventional medicine offers little other than methods to manage symptoms. I am always aware of how activities will impact my well-being and energy levels. But those limitations no longer create my identity. And of course a silver lining is the that through my own journey, I have come to understand there is an inner guiding wisdom available to all of us. My job is to create the space for that wisdom to be accessed, first in myself, then others. I couldn’t do that without facing my own demons.

Paula Vickers is a Law of Attraction and Clear Alignment Coach based in the UK. She offers bespoke coaching for individuals who would like to break loose of their unconscious limitations and create a life inspired by alignment with their true nature; who they really are.


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