It’s sort of a shame it’s taken over forty years to remember how to tune in to my Source. And yet, it’s well worth the wait. Because when you and I are tuned in to who we really are, no matter what’s going on around us, we know we can handle it. And we do.

As a born reflector, I’m used to seeking out unrecognised beliefs hiding in moments of blind reaction, unspoken limitations in the lines of conversation; listening for what’s not said, looking for patterns in the unseen. It’s one of my attributes that’s always switched on. I can’t help it, whether it’s shopping, in conversations, watching movies, learning new things, and of course most obviously coaching.

For myself, I’ve realised reflection is not something I ‘do’ using my intellect. The bones of it happens undirected by me, other than by intention. It happens in the junction between mind and body, between heart and soul; the most vast space of untapped richness that I will ever have access to. It’s the field of dreams and pure potential; the endless eternity of who I am and who you are, before we physically manifest as who and what we are in the here and now.

As humans, we sometimes apply so much effort to thinking as a means of creating. But what I’m discovering more and more for myself, is that ‘thinking’ in its most useful form is actually the last part of the process. It’s simply a route by which a potential is selected from The Field of All Potentials, and brought to material experience in this particular realm of physical form.

When my focus is open or when I’m deep in meditation, I’m ‘listening’ for a feeling. And when it comes, it’s the start of communication from my Inner Wisdom or Source, God or the Universe – you can choose whatever words you feel comfortable with. It’s a part of me unbound by human form, but able to communicate and express itself with and through my physical self. I recognise it as true because the feeling comes unbidden; it’s something I have to wait for, not something I can intend or summon. Often times I won’t understand it, or be able to properly put words to it for hours, days or even sometimes weeks. And therein lies the crux of the matter. My intellectual understanding is the last to get it.

So in a nutshell here’s what happens: there’s a download from my Source in the Field to my body, and when I’m focused on being sensitive enough to get past all the past and future garbage that my bodymind is currently harbouring, the route clears for the feeling to be translated into my awareness as thoughts.

This sense of Connection to Myself sort of happened by accident and beyond my training.

If you’re struggling, wondering who you really are, what life’s about, is this all there is or how the heck you can turn things around and live a life of meaning, joy and contentment, take heart. Who you truly are is already perfect and patiently waiting for you to recognise it.

When you and I connect with our already perfect Source Self, we’re touching the essence of pure potential that runs through us all, the true Source of Inspiration, Joy, Creativity, Love and absolute Abundance. When we can connect with that Source Self, we get to experience circumstances and situations that are in alignment with those feelings.

By the way, if you’d like to experience more health, wealth, peace, contentment and joy in your life and relationships, I invite you to join up to my Circle and never miss another trick. It’s completely free and there to make sure you have all you need on the path to Yourself.

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