Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? Struggling to make a decision or move forward? In an impossible situation? Relax. I specialise in helping people master the process of getting unstuck, gaining clarity and moving forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

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Just three coaching sessions with Paula literally turned my financial situation around. A year earlier I’d launched my own freelance writing business and while I was making enough …

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Koren Helbig

Freelance Journalist,

It was such a pleasure to work with Paula. Her approach was warm, honest and nurturing and she always allowed me to explore how I was feeling without judgment. She was a fantastic listener and offered such profound and insightful advice. With her lovely smile and amazing energy …

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Marie Houlden

Energy Worker & Spiritual Life Coach,

Paula is a warm hearted lady who has a lot to give to the world. During my coaching sessions I was given the tools and motivation to get me out of a ‘stuck’ period in my life. Our sessions have given me inspiration, direction and confidence …

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You already have an inner wisdom that’s patiently waiting to reveal your own unique answers. The only thing you may have forgotten is how to connect. We all do this. But once you’ve re-mastered connection, you may well wonder what the problem was.

What could you achieve from deep coaching?


Start Where You Are

Coaching should see you deeply connected with what you want. There’s a difference between thinking you know what you want and being deeply connected to what you want. The latter is certainty of direction that motivates and drives you through all obstacles on the way to your goal.

Understand the Problem

The problem is generally not the problem and this is my favourite stage and playground. We'll look at what seems to be stopping you from achieving your goal or dreams - then we'll look at what's really stopping you. When you get this, you're well on your way.



By now you'll know what you want, why you want it, and you'll have a very clear understanding of what's been holding you back. The process has been one of gently unblocking access to your own inner wisdom and guidance system. Now you'll be ready to practise listening to that still voice within that has all the answers.


At this stage you will be in a position few people enjoy. No longer at the mercy of outside influences, you know how life really works and this knowledge can never be taken away. You may sometimes forget, we all do, but you'll get more and more adept at realising what's happening and your life will be changed forever.

Are you ready for something brand new?

My Invitation

Would you like to explore what you want, and see if coaching will help you get there quicker?

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